Our Youth meet every Wednesday from 6:15-7:00pm for Bible Study and every Sunday from 9:30-10:15am for Sunday School. Throughout the year our Youth participate in a Youth Camp, Missions Trips, fun/local outings and much more.

Pie Auction

One of their yearly, and very successful, fundraisers is the Pie Auction. Youth are paired with a church member and encouraged to not only bake a pie together, but to also develop a relationship. All the pies are auctioned off during our Wednesday night Bible Study (most pies don’t make it home!) and the earnings help fund their biggest event, the Youth Camp.

Youth Camp


 The Wall of Unforgiveness

 Our Youth Group experienced a series on the power of forgiveness and the baggage of un-forgiveness. They constructed a wall of cinderblocks; carrying the blocks around the church to symbolize the burden of un-forgiveness. Once the wall was built, youth and church members spray painted a word on the wall; describing their battle with un-forgiveness. Finally, the wall was destroyed; symbolizing the power of forgiveness and the freedom we have though Jesus.