Guatemala Stuff

Below are some pictures from our most recent trip & the projects we were able to be a part of.Village of San Juan Moca, Guatemala: Our “roof team” worked on setting the foundation for a second story addition to the church’s parsonage/sunday school rooms. They had to bend each rebar piece! As with all the projects, everything is re-used and no scrap is thrown away.

  group on roof   roof

 Clearing off and laying the foundation for a concrete floor…all by hand! We picked up and separated everything! Rocks, metal scraps, paper pieces; all to we recycled.

Butch and Pedro   floor

English lessons and games with the kids! Each afternoon we spent time with all the kids, who were all so excited to play and just spend time with us.


The town of San Pedro de la Laguna & one of the coffee fields where our products come from.

coffee   town