Soaking up the Son (let’s talk Jesus together)

Hi, My name is Sherri M. I have been a member of Beach Baptist since 2007. I love my church, and I love my pastor, his family, and my church family. I just wanted to start a dialogue on what I hope is all of our favorite topics, Jesus.

I will be posting quite often about what I get from coming to church, not as a habit, or because I have to, but from a hungry heart that wants to be fed. Pastor Shawn is by far, the best teacher/preacher I have ever heard. With that being said, lets jump right into last Sunday.

Judging: We all do it, even when it is not ours to do. “Do not judge yet”,  to quote Shawn. That cuts really deep, especially when we all have a plank in our own eye. When I was a young Christian that is how I looked at God; a judge, the jury, and then the executioner. Love was overshadowed by fear. This sin and that sin would put me in Hell. Any thoughts?