Ravin’ Reviews

Check out what others have to say about their stay with us:

“Thanks for the trip & for the positive vibes that came along with it. I’m very new to Christianity & this was a great 1st step.”

“Thank you so much for your generous hospitality this week, God’s work was extremely apparent through the love of the people serving us. I had been praying a lot about a big decision this summer and oh boy was it answered. God’s love is so unending and un-matchable, and this week was just another week to show that too. See you all next year! God bless and Go CATS!”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to visit Ft. Myers Florida. I would have not been able to do some of the things I did this week with y’alls help, such as fly boarding. I had an absolute blast. I did not imagine how fun it would be this week – it was literally above & beyond my expectations. It was fantastic to grow personally & spiritually, while having the time of my life. I cannot thank you guys enough. I’ll be back next year.”

“Thank you so much for having CSF for the week. It was honestly one of the best weeks of my whole life. This week enabled me to renew my faith in Christ. I also got to meet the perfect Gracie Critser! You were always one step ahead of us with everything we needed & made everything so amazing. Thank you so much LB CSF’15″

“What a life-changing week it has been! We cannot thank you all enough for being so attentive, thoughtful and hospitable. The way that you all act towards other people creates such a clear picture of who Jesus is. It was such a blessing to spend time with you all this week. The way that you sacrificially serve others is truly inspiring. God bless you!”

“Thank you so much for your hospitality during our stay at Beach Baptist! It was above and beyond anything I could have expected. I could definitely see and feel the love you pour into people. I had an amazing experience in Fort Myers and all of you completely enhanced it. Thanks again for your love and generosity. -Sam”

“Just wanted to write you to thank you for all that you’ve done for me over this past week. It’s something about the way that you service that just brings joy to my heart. I feel like I could never feel down or tired around you. Your energy & enthusiasm gives me energy & enthusiasm about life. God has definitely blessed me with your service. My experience with Beach Baptist has taught me how to truly serve others with a healthy smile and a God-like wave of love. Talking with some of you has been great. Always checking up on me, and making sure that I had all that I needed, and more. I’ll always be praying for Beach Baptist. Hopefully I can return to this place & relive the glimpse of heaven that I felt over this past week. Someday I pray that God will allow me to bless others the same way you’ve blessed me. Stay joyful, and always remember to keep that smile. You never know who’s going to need it the most.” – Truly Blessed, Scottie Williams

“I want to thank all of you for so graciously becoming my friends and to Beach Baptist for five glorious days just simply living in the grace of God by the beach. I had an amazing time and I know everyone else did. I could just tell that all of you are full of the Spirit & have your hearts and minds set on God and fulfilling the example of Jesus. The food was great (especially the barbecue, tomatoes & ice cream!) and your kindness was a joy to experience, Thank you & God bless!” -Randall Smith

“I wanted to say a big thank you to the amazing folks at Beach Baptist for being so generous and kind to us CSFers. Back home, money is tight and sometimes I skip meals to save money. This week, you all went above and beyond to make sure we had plenty to eat, and I am so grateful! It was a joy to see such a vibrant expression of what it means to have a servants heart.” -Marissa

“Hey Friends, Y’all are seriously the BOMB! It was so clear to all of us how much the love of Christ radiates from each of your lives. You gave college students the opportunity to find Christ this week because of your generous hospitality. Hearts were transformed, scars were mended, and relationships were built this week. And it is all thanks to YOU! I know for a fact that the Lord has been smiling as he has watched y’all serve this week and I pray that he continues to bless your ministries and let Beach Baptist flourish!” -Kenneth

“Throughout the three years that I have been involved at CSF and gone on the Florida Spring Break trip, I have never been served so kindly, been blessed to form such amazing friendships, and experienced the Holy Spirit so profoundly! What is beyond amazing is the fact that to come on this trip had been a last minute decision and again God blessed me with the most amazing spring break as of yet! Your love and selflessness for even a homeless stranger is an example to all of how life should be lived when Jesus is at the core of your heart, soul, and mind. Thank you not only for the kindness but also for being such a wonderful example to all of us at CSF. We love you!” Katie Wells

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