Coffee & Missions

Our Missions Statement

Our goal at Son Coast Coffee is to facilitate a more focused community mission that supports the ongoing growth of the gospel and community development in the San Pedro de la Laguna region of Guatemala.

At Beach Baptist Church, we have an ambitious endeavor to change the way we fund mission work by selling “Coffee with a Purpose”.  All Son Coast Coffee profits go directly back into the impoverished community of a small village outside San Pedro, Guatemala.  All of this while supplying customers with a very high quality low acidic coffee that is cloud grown and ethically traded from the mountainous regions of Central America.

Join this mission by simply purchasing our coffee for use in your home, business or church, knowing that 100% of all the profits are being spent in this Guatemalan region.  These monetary profits are not the only way in which we hope to impact this community. Through annual visits and ongoing communication, we continue to build stronger relationships with local pastors, farmers, and many others so that we can support them as they identify the greatest need in their community and how to best utilize the profits from their businesses.

Your purchase of this coffee has a major financial impact on the village due to our direct purchase of the coffee and the supervised return of all profits.  The green coffee is being purchased in large quantities (5,000 pounds) to maximize the price to the farmer and insure a superior tasting coffee for the consumer at a reasonable cost.  The coffee is then roasted by our Non-Profit Atlanta Partner and shipped to Beach Baptist Church of Fort Myers Beach for distribution.  By purchasing our coffee, you have now joined the Guatemalan mission in a big way and have the opportunity to subsidize your own personal mission or cause.

Download our missions statement @ CoffeeMissionStatement

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We currently sell coffee online, at our church coffee shop, and distribute it to a few local businesses. We’d love to serve more people by serving our coffee at more churches, businesses, etc. If this is a ministry you feel you are called to be a part of, please let us know how we can connect with you, by emailing us at [email protected]

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Check out the following pages to see how you can get involved:

Drink More Coffee

 Order Guatemalan coffee today! We’ll ship it right to you. We will also have other items, such as Son Coast Coffee T-Shirts, for sale in the near future.

Ft. Myers Beach Stuff

We feel that our “mission field” is wherever God has placed you and is using you today! For us, that not only includes our work abroad in Guatemala, but also right here on Ft. Myers Beach. See how you can get involved in our community.

Guatemala Stuff

 We are so excited that God has allowed us to develop relationships with the people in Guatemala. It is through these relationships, and partnerships with others such as Phoenix Community Coffee, that we are able to be involved in their mission field in Guatemala.